Commitment Form

This form is not collecting results at the moment. Commitment Form does not collect results after 2019-07-01.

Commitment Form

Please submit this online form upon acceptance to a Club South team.
You will also need to mail in the following (except Little Diggers/Youth):
$100 deposit


By filing this Letter of Intent, (with acceptance authorized by Club South Volleyball) the player, his/her parents, and the club, are agreeing to the following:

1. The player shall be a member of the named team in the Evergreen Region for the entire season as indicated below;
2. The player may not sign more than one (1) LI for a given season;
3. The player’s season shall be defined as starting when the player is both registered with the region AND has signed the LI with acceptance from Club South Volleyball, and stopping at the official end of the team’s season when termination information is received by the region office.
4. All policies in the Club Handbook

Terms of the Letter of Intent may be appealed. All parties are entitled to due process through the ERVA appeals process.

I understand that by signing this LI, I am committed to Club South Volleyball indicated below and have read all terms and conditions in this document. I fully understand, accept, and agree to be bound by them.

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